DNS, Mail and CDN services for individuals and small businesses.
Whether you're looking for a dynamic DNS solution or backend services for your entire organization, we've got you covered.
DNS Dynamo Free
Do you have an internet connection with a dynamic IP address?
  • Free for the lifetime of your account
  • Up to 15 host records (with MX)
  • Robust configuration interface
  • Backed by geo-diverse DNS servers
  • Online tech support included
  • Upgrade to DNS Dynamo Advanced for your own domain
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Mail Forwarder
Don't have your own mail server? Forward mail to addresses outside your domain.
  • Unlimited email volume
  • Email is queued for up to 30 days
  • Spam and virus message scanning
  • Redundant geo-diverse mail servers
  • Multiple forwarding addresses per alias
  • Online priority tech support included
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CDN Basic
Deliver up to 50GB of content for free per month.
  • No monthly service fee
  • Geographically diverse North American servers
  • Add up to 10 subdomains
  • Reduce load on your internet connection or web host
  • Online tech support included
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