DNS Dynamo Advanced

Use your own domain with a dynamic IP address with unlimited DNS records of any type


  • Use your domain with a dynamic IP
  • Works with our other DNS products
  • Unlimited queries per month
  • Add an unlimited number records of any type
  • Online priority tech support included

Product Description

Do you have an internet connection with a dynamic IP address and want full control over your DNS?

Product Comparison

 KisoLabs DNS
Dynamo Advanced
Dyn Standard DNS1
RecordsUnlimitedUp to 75
Queries per MonthUp to 750,000Up to 600,000
Record TypesAlmost any record type (A through TXT)Only 9
Use Your Dynamic IP in Other DNS ServicesYesNo
Price$15 / year
or as low as $10 / year
$29.95 / year
1 Comparison is based upon data from dyn.com on 2013-02-07.
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Subscription Price
1 year $15.00 ($1.25 / month)
2 years $24.00 ($12.00 / year)
5 years $50.00 ($10.00 / year)
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