About KisoLabs

In Japanese, kiso (  ) means foundation.

We want you to make KisoLabs the foundation of your web sites and mobile apps. Our founders have a combined experience in internet technologies of over 40 years. Our philosophy is that entrepreneurs are the basis for innovation, and that they deserve enterprise-class back-end services to support their ventures. Our infrastructure is highly distributed and has been designed from the ground up with resiliency in mind.

We are committed to our customers, and we want our business to grow along with yours. We are agile and scalable. Adding to our capacity is as easy as deploying a server (or two), and we strive to maintain a peak load of under 60%. We hope that your site (or mobile app) receives unexpectedly high traffic, and we'll be ready for it.

KisoLabs was founded in 2011 to provide Mail, DNS, and CDN services that are reliable and versatile, yet affordable.

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