Receive email for any domain and get it forwarded to addresses of your choice


  • Unlimited email volume
  • Email is queued for 30 days if delivery can't be made
  • Virus, spam, and DNSBL message filtering

Product Description

Receive email for any domain without setting up a mail server. Have your incoming emails forwarded to any address, including popular email providers such as GMail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail.

Product Comparison

 KisoLabs ForwarderNo-IP™ Mail Forwarding1Dyn Email Forward2
Max aliasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max destination addressesUnlimited
(within 255 characters)
Not statedUp to 10
Spam and virus scanningYesYesYes
Emails queued for..30 daysNot statedNot stated
Access to LogsOnline Viewing and Downloadable Log FilesNoNo
Pricing$35 / year
or as low as $24 / year
$34.95 / year$49.95 / year
1 Pricing and features are from as of 2013-02-08.
2 Pricing and features are from as of 2013-02-08.
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Subscription Price
1 year $35.00 (~$2.92 / month)
2 years $60.00 ($30.00 / year)
5 years $120.00 ($24.00 / year)
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