Instance Mail

Protect your identity and reduce spam: Get disposable and temporary email addresses that forward to your real email account.


  • Unlimited anonymous, disposable addresses
  • Unlimited email volume
  • Virus and spam filtering
  • Reporting and access to logs
  • Multiple domains from which to choose
  • You choose when the address expires
  • Addresses are good for up to 120 days plus unlimited free renewals

Product Description

Instance Mail from Kisolabs protects your privacy and reduces spam by providing you with disposable email addresses that forward to an email account of your choice.

This is useful in many different circumstances:

  • You want to create an account on a private blog that requires email verification, but don't want to worry about receiving ongoing spam from the site's owner.
  • You need to order something from a website and want to receive your order confirmation, but don't want them to have your "real" email address.
  • You want to track which sites send out spam and which don't.

With Instance Mail you can give a different email address out to each website that requires one, and shut off any address when you no longer need it. That will effectively stop spam from that site (and any mailing lists to which they might add you).

Instance Mail addresses don't expire, and there is no limit on the volume of mail you can receive. Each address is unique and cannot be changed, but you do have a choice of domain names for any address.

Unlike most other anonymous/temporary email providers, KisoLabs lets you keep track of your addresses in one place and gives you the ability to turn on spam and virus filtering. We also give you full reporting and access to raw log files to help you track down spammers!

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