DSUMO Computing

API Basics Functions Common request parameters get (Get) add (Add) chg (Change) del (Delete) lst (List) Microcompute Transactions Common request parameters exe (Execute) get (Get) res (Results) lst (List) com (Completed) abt (Abort) Information - General Common request parameters stats (Statistics) log (Log) mo (Microcompute Operation Details) Information - Service Nodes Common request parameters log (Log) mo (Microcompute Operation Details)
Introduction The Sandbox Container The Data Container Object The Data Set Object The Data Set Object is not type safe Loops dsumo.dfor() dsumo.dwhile() / dsumo.dbreak() Flow Control Serial Execution Control dsumo.dreturn Parallel Execution Control dsumo.dparallelStart dsumo.dparallel dsumo.dfork Includes Microcompute Function Includes Library Includes
Introduction The DSUMO Platform The DSUMO Architecture Microcompute Transaction (MT) Microcompute Operation (MO) Microcompute Function (MF) Micrcompute Node (MN) Service Node (SN) The DSUMO Framework